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    Eco-Friendly PLA Consumables
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    Workshops available this summer!
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    Technician Training
    Ditto Pro Technician Training Course

Tinkerine U fulfills our mission to give teachers and educators of all kinds the power to use 3D printing technology effectively across the STEAM curriculum and beyond. The next generation of leaders will be problem solvers, and they’ll learn those skills in the classroom.

Teacher Training Guides

We fully support teachers as they learn to use new technology in their pedagogy. We offer full teacher guides in multiple curricular areas, as well as the skills and knowledge teachers need to make these tools effective.

Complete Educational Ecosystem

TinkerineU is a complete ecosystem for students, teachers and parents. This includes Online courses, Lesson Plans (driven by subject area), Educational 3D Models / Objects and Extra-Curricular content for parent and community engagement.

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Award Winning 3D Printers

Tinkerine Ditto Series 3D printers meet high standards for performance, aesthetics, usability and affordability. Best of all, they take up considerably less space in the classroom and build larger objects than comparable 3D printers on the market.

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Library Maker Spaces

We are supporting Libraries and Science Centres to create Maker Space for 21st Century Learning centres.


Designed for all users, Tinkerine’s workshops have been thoughtfully planned with the goal of educating users on what 3D printing is and how to utilize it effectively. The workshops will follow a blended instructional model where learners will have access to “hands-on” learning and online instruction.

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